Latest Marriages of Bollywood

Marriages of Bollywood stars everyone seems to be interested. We somehow want to know more about the personal lives of our celebrities.

When it comes to Bollywood relationships, marriages and divorces are always on the cards for some. Although rumors are abuzz about a host of divas and Bollywood celebrities concerning their relationships and marriages, we bring some good news. Here is a recently complied list of latest Bollywood marriages that just happened and some that are on the cards.


  • Aditya Chopra- Rani Mukherjee:

Starting with the Aditya Chopra- Rani Mukherjee nuptials, which were held in Italy in April, started of this year’s Bollywood marriage season. Rumored to be dating for over a decade, their marriage brought good tidings in the industry.

  •  Dia Mirza – Sahil Sangha:

Next on the cards is the much-awaited marriage of Dia Mirza – Sahil Sangha, who is an assistant director. Though they had to postpone their marriage a couple of times last year, they are all set to get married on 18th October 2014. They have been dating for quite a few years and are professional partners at the ‘Born Free Entertainment L